TEAM ROC® Reviews

  • Timothy H. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    I showed up unannounced while already going through a fight camp in my hometown. I explained to all the coaches what my situation was and how long I would be attending. They excepted me with open arms and made me feel like I was part of their team.

    Timothy H.
  • Patrick M. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    Awesome place to train. I started off completely new to it all, after maybe 3 weeks I had a basic understanding of guards and mounts, and fell in love.

    Patrick M.
  • Anna F. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    My son is one of the few kids in the adult class. He's a big boy, and new at all this. The instructors are not only patient and supportive, but all the people in the class push him, teach him, critique him and challenge him. My son and I love this place!

    Anna F.
  • Brian B. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    Great spot. I only had time for the fundamentals/basic class but it was great. Very respectful but still competitive to push you. Will go again and try to stop by when I visit again.

    Brian B.
  • James R. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    Visiting from Evolution BJJ in Ontario, Canada. These guys were very welcoming and are incredibly skilled. Awesome beginner lesson and great details explained in the advanced class. No goons and no d bags during rolling.

    James R.
  • AJ B. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    Such a great place to learn and everyone is always helpful in developing you. Instructors are hands down the best and will work with you as much as needed. I definitely look forward to going each and every time I get a chance. Definitely a big family there!

    AJ B.
  • Lynn D. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    Phenomenal staff and great group of people. Thank you for all you do to help my daughter succeed. I have watched her not only increase in skill but also in confidence.

    Lynn D.
  • Tae K. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    I love every min I get to go in and train. It is a very welcoming place to train.

    Tae K.
  • Noble G., TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    These folks are AWESOME! Phenomenal owner, amazing instructors, great members. Super friendly & helpful! So thankful for discovering this great organization!

    Noble G.
  • Clare C. , TEAM ROC® Testimonials

    Best facility in town with knowledgeable and awesome coaches. The athletes there are also very nice and helpful! My whole family goes here!

    Clare C.

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