Our Programs

Kids Classes

We offer training for kids ages 5+ in gi jiu jitsu, nogi jiu jitsu, striking and wrestling. Our students love learning and becoming their best selves. Increased focus and attention to detail, improved social skills, newfound self-esteem and decreased stress are all benefits of our kids curriculum.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Comprehensive jiu jitsu instruction for men and women of all experience levels. Our system is built on the Gracie system, using full-gi training with a focus on helping you learn how to generate leverage and power over an opponent of any size.

Mixed Martial Arts

Team ROC has trained some of the area's top MMA fighters. Tim Kennedy, Jason Palacios and active UFC fighter, Da'Mon Blackshear who received his Team ROC Black Belt in 2023. Through our knowledgeable coaching staff and strong relationships with the top MMA gym in the world we train and guide fighters from amateur to professional.


Our freestyle wrestling practice will help you improve your takedowns and top game. It's also great for getting mat time in the off season for school age athletes.


SOCP®(Special Operations Combatives Program®) is a realism based, task-specific system designed to bridge the gap between foundation training and the unique needs of the modern day Special Operations Units. For more information visit https://ussocp.com/